The Ninja Discovery Pt. 2

ahhhhhhh…….nice rest after all my work becoming an FWSS (Fire, Water, Snow, Shadow) Ninja

and so as i settled down on my disco water bed, i looked out my window, and realized it was storming, throwing flaming fireballs and rain EVERYWHERE!

it was so weird, i decided i must help  all the random citizens out there!

(he’s a random citizen, called Randombobb)

so i called my two helpers, Dob and Tob, but they were gone!

it turns out, they had both turned evil! they were destroying club penguin island!

so, i jumped out the window and into the water (since club penguin island is an island!)

i swam all the way to the bottom so no one would see my transformation! as i swam, i thought of what Dob and Tob were doing, which they must have been fighting at the lighthouse, and sensei looking gravely at them thinking………of me……..and when i would come…..-

all of a sudden, i started to feel tingly, then powerfull!

i felt my ninja blood flowing through my veins, pounding in my ears, and then-

here i was! the FWSS Ninja!

i picked up Dob and Tob and threw them in an iron cage. (the iron disables their powers)

i apologized to sensei, and went off to get that sleep i wanted…….



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