The Death of Seamarue98…….>:)

one day, Seamarue98 decided to go on an adventure! so, he grabbed a lantern and went to the first room in the MONSTER MAZE!!!!

he kept walking….

until he came across a treasure chest filled with puffles!


but then he saw a skeleton!

he screamed and ran for the door for the next room!

he ended up in this new green room! when he started sinking, he new something was wrong!

tentacles were grabbing him, pulling him down, but he escaped! then, vines and tentacles started pulling him into a false wall!

somehow, he escaped and ran for the door, but he was caught in slimy tentacles! He was pulled under the slime, and, sadly drowned.

centuries later his bones were found  in a coffin by a scientist!

the scientist brought him to his lab-


and tested him

and when it was all over…..

to be continued in the next story, The Monster’s Rampage!

  1. Wow… you have had a lot of time on your hands. Is it winter break already?

  2. are you keshav? oh yeah nice story

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