The Christmas Caper

on Christmas Eve, i had finally settled down for my Christmas feast after a long day of work

when, all of a sudden, this christmas tree started to talk to me

then this random glowing dude showed up

but then-

i ended up at the dojo, and this stone puffle said

now, i don’t like to get anything for anyone, no presents or anything. i only like to spend money on myself. so when this puffle thing said that, i reacted with the words-

then this new glowing dude showed up-

i saw what i have never seen before- aurora borialis

but then the ghost of Christmas Present disappeared, replaced by a black cloaked dude. i think he was the ghost of Christmas Future.


“my dear Seamarue98,” said the ghost of Christmas furture, “this is what will happen if you don’t do something. with all your money, you can save christmas! santa has gotten to old and weak-

and i can’t help! you must help the world!!!!!!!”

“if you don’t help the world,” he said,”this will happen!”

so i said-

so, that night-

unbeknownst to me, the 3 ghosts were in the ski village-


  1. I really like your artistic vision which makes many people smile while reading your stories.

    In other words…

    I really like this story!

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