Pufflenews Challenges

First Challenge: What is this room?

Congratulations, spyguydx and seamarue98! Since you both met me, and seamarue98 is an author here… spyguydx you don’t have a WordPress Account! I think you need a blog too. Anyway, here is the answer!

Next Challenge: Can You Copy This?

…coming soon…

  1. 1.Go to the mine

    2.go in that little shed with the barrel

    3.look at the top

    4.Its the top of the shed with the barrel in it

  2. i know!
    its part of the mine shack!
    it’s the the far right rooftop to the little adarondack hose thing!
    I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job πŸ™‚

  4. did i win too if i did do i get anything and i want to work here and i do have a wordpress

  5. Yes spyguydx you get an author job here on my blog! Just need your email… It will be finished in a few minutes.

  6. k can we do it in private so no one see’s it just you

  7. how do i make a wordpress account

  8. i work for blogs and i have my own blog but its noit on cp its on minimonos

  9. I will be easier if I email it to you spyguydx so I will send the email soon when I can

  10. wen is the next challenge out

  11. It is coming very soon. But I am always very busy and now I rarely even go on Club Penguin. I am watching a video series of Minecraft πŸ™‚

    http://www.minecraft.net πŸ™‚

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