Underwater Expedition Cheats!

Hurray! The Underwater Expedition has finally come! Here you will find all of the cheats!

What the? The island is tilted!

Hmmm… there is a poster here. “Discover The Deep”…

What the? Is this at the Beach? Why is the Lighthouse here?

Oh…my…gosh… NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLUB PENGUIN IS SINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s this here? A little puzzle map?

This is a map of the Underwater Maze! You might want to write the directions down…

You might think this is easy…

…but it’s not like August 2011’s maze…

Woot woot! I made it to the end! If you beat the maze you should come up with a room like this:

Also there a two new items, one that will be mentioned in another post, and one that you for beating the maze!

Walk over and claim your prize:

A Submarine Suit!

If you put it on with nothing else and sit, you will be acting like a submarine!

Okay… I’m starting to drown down here… let’s go back to the surface, or water, or whatever.

Oh, look! You can now enter the Maze Treasure Room from the beach!

Yay! I beat the maze! But there are more important things to do.. like help a certain agent… capture a certain polar bear… make more posts for a certain blog 😉 … and have a nice day underwater for a certain Colorbird10… 🙂

There are more things to come!

“Anvil Party Hat! Underwater Expedition!” Post


More Funny Pics!

I hope you like the Underwater Party!


New Story

this story will be coming out during the underwater party!


Super Story Sneak Peek!! #2

I just tweeted a new sneak peek of the upcoming ( and amazing ) Super Story! Here is another photo of it, in case you don’t have a Twitter:

Where am I?

Is it morning?

I don’t know. But you can guess in the comments. And don’t miss the realease of the Super Story, which is now being told…

MARCH 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited? Tell us in the comments! And keep looking over Pufflenews for more sneak peeks!!


Super Story Countdown! Sneak Peek #1!

Hey guys! Considering my free time to finish up the Super Story, I will be sharing sneak peeks of it until the full release!

Sneak peeks will come every Saturday!!!

So I already shared the one with me going to college, but did I show you this one?

What am I gasping at?

What is happening here?

Put together more puzzle pieces every Saturday… come back to Pufflenews for more pics!

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Authors, Seamarue, Philbob, whoever may be reading this post, will you be able to attend Pufflenews’s first anniversary??? Please comment and let me know. This event is really important to me and the blog. (LOL)

-Colorbird10 🙂

Where Are You? BUG!!!

I was on Club Penguin with my friend Maci1001 and I didn’t know where she went. So I opened up her player card and I couldn’t click the “?” icon!


Thanks to Maci1001.

Club Penguin!!!! Wake up!!!! There are bugs!!!

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Super Story!

Today I made more of the Super Story! I think you’re waiting for a sneak peek. Your wish is my command!

Why is Colorbird10 going to college?

What if he doesn’t find the college?

One of the questions will be answered in late January or February when the Super Story is finished!!!

Can You Remember, Viewers?

It’s January. Can you remember? Can you remember, people who knew my blog from last January?


It’s very special. 🙂


Happy New Year from Philbob9909

I just want to say… its been a great year.

So firstly, I want to say Happy New Year!

Lots of good things happened to me!  I joined Starwarsrox1’s site!  I made my own site!

CP had some great events too!

-Defeating of Herbert (for now)

-Beta Team

-Brown Puffle


-Puffle Launch

So some thanks are in order!

First to Club Penguin-  Thanks for a great year, cool stuff, and lots more to come!

Second- To fans, of CP, this site, and me myself!  You give me, us, CP and the Internet great ideas and inspirations, so thanks!

Third to my CP friends- Seamarue98, Starwarsrox1, Piggyjo, Bartman225, Pat302, iLake, 1erg, quiexcp, Crashzxz, richieking, Derek915, at709, Colorbird10, Andre1425, Danny78901, Pafe25, Nenecookie, Blue Fair, Spyguydx, and Pinky67576.  You all are great people and friends of mine so thanks for every thing!


2011 was a great year….


2012 can and WILL be better!

Thanks for everything!


2012 New Year’s Day Party!

Hey guys!

I figured that to have a great new year, we should celebrate a new year’s party!

All info below-

Since it’s New Year’s, the staff will be adding and sending out postcards, so make sure you all have your mailboxes cleared and room to add.