Funny Pictures


We were in the same class.

Wait a second- he copied my test!

Meanie… he forgot me.

I found Easter eggs! Wait… it’s January!

Ha! You’ll never defeat me, lava!

I hate thorns…

But really, all I was doing was saying that, standing on my flipper, and pointing at some penguin.

It turns out the Mine was haunted.

Have you ever heard of something called REUSE?

I really need to learn how to swim. LOL

Transforming into a stone is like SO two seconds ago.


Hey, Colorbird10, no one can hear you.

See, puffles aren’t cute, they’re mean.

Barf… that girl is NOT my type. Special thanks to Maci1001.

I want that ball!!!!

OMG… Club Penguin needs to learn the concept of SHARING.

Hey, is my brain messed up or what?

I’m still losing my mind…

Okay, now I’m scared!

This thing is absolutely wrong.

My friend dared me not to do it.

Seriously? Earth, please don’t make mountains talk.

Great, now I can’t fit. And now I can’t eat my pizza!

I’m too cool for this woman…or is it… *barf*

Ouch! “Whatever you do, never hug a cactus!” -Rookie

What happened to me!?

So staplers are the new planets?

Hmm… this looks free to enter.

Woah! How’d I get here?

I wish the stairs were right-side up…

Why is TAPE important?

Yummy! Chocolate!!

Finally! I’m going to be shipped away!

That’s it! Be sure to come here every once in a while. You never know when there’s something new!

  1. Very nice website, lots of useful information!

  2. mean puffles and cp! not learning the word called sharing.

  3. ITS COOL, i think


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