Colorbird10’s Stories

Story 1: EPF Investigation Part 1

With all this fighting between the EPF and Herbert, I just couldn’t take it any more! So as I walked up the Lighthouse’s stairs of peace, I started to play my guitar….

… when all of a sudden I heard a noise! I walked to the light anxiously…

… “Be careful” I told myself and I sarted to fly a jet pack.

BOOM!!!!! I crash landed in a place with lots of trees…

… which turned out to be the Town. Then I heard the noise again…

It was louder than ever before when I reached the Snow Forts. Scared I yelled out into the trees…

When all of a sudden a crab sneaked out from the trees! With shock I gasped and stared at the crab…

… “Oh my I must report this to Gary” I said…

To Be Continued…

The Jam Jam:

After the crab incident was the Music Jam, where I got my very first job- I was a waffles salesman at the Plaza.

I suddenly heard a noise after my 39th waffle, coming from the Forest. I went to go check it out.

Then the noise came again… was that you country band!?


I went to the Mine where a found a blinking light… Hmmm what is this?

A device! Fancy! The device had an arrow and had full wireless internet bars… the arrow pointed to the Mine…

I waddled to the mine… where I tripped on a rock. The device crashed and fell down deep into the Mine.

After I recovered, I went down into the Mine to look for it. Where is it I thought… Only one way to find out…

I grabbed a cart and jumped up on it. The cart slipped near the end, and I crashed through the cave wall into the Cave Mine.

More coming soon. NOT as a part two.

Me and My Puffles :) :

I love the new Pufflscape game because it is fun and the music is relaxing! So today I decided to have a little fun…

Choose a puffle… I recently let my puffles have a new life in the wilderness so I only have two puffles. “I pick… Cutey! Sorry, Flameball” :( LOL

“Down you go… let me get my camera..”

“Smile…” *click*! Cutey loves to have her picture taken, especially before Pufflescape.

“Oops… you blinked…”

….after getting the key….

“Good job Cutey! You unlocked the door! I knew you could do it!” : D

“Okay… we’re done. Go home Cutey. Hmmm… you still want to play? Okay…”

So we wandered around the island looking for games. Cutey tugged on me when I went in the wrong direction. Finally, we landed in the Night Club. He tugged me toward Dance Contest. “Is that what you want to play? Ok! Cadence! Bust a beat!”


My EPF Adventure

Coming soon!

Rockhopper’s Treasure

Coming Soon!

Fight of the Two Dimensions

Coming 2011-2012! (In new page)

    Should i make a new page or put it on this page?

  2. Yes you may but you must have correct spelling, grammar, and you must have installed a picture taking tool on your computer.

  3. Also you must post it in your own page. Good luck!

  4. i like the part where you ‘let your puffles have a new life’ XD

  5. EPF Adventure is cancelled 😦 No time to make it, though Rockhopper’s Treasure is still on its way 🙂

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