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Calling All EPF Agents! New System Defender Level And Stamp!

I was looking at my stampbook when I saw a new Stamp! Track Herebert- Complete the Track Herbert Level.

New level!? SWEET! I went to System Defender. WARNING! System Under Attack…

Just put that there, and… done! I completeing the level! I got a double coin bonus because I got the stamp and I completed my System Defender Collection!

YAY! Do you like this System Defender level AND stamp? AWESOME SCALE!!!






Also, this means the EPF Story will come soon! Are you excited for the story? Comment on your thoughts about all of this!


New Noble Knight Stamp And Gary Message

As you know, the Medieval Party has struck Club Penguin. Along with it has come a new stamp called the Noble Knight Stamp! Here it is in my stampbook:

Hurry up and earn it before the party ends! Also, there is a new message from Gary. Check it out:

“Still nothing, As far as our surveillance cameras go, we haven’t seen anything else suspicious. Stay sharp, everyone.”

Okay, that’s it! Comment below!

Beta Team Rollerscape History Deleted??? And Puffle Hat Ideas NOT Opening In Windows XP: Club Penguin BUGS!!

Today I was checking out my Beta Team stuff, and I saw that the Rollerscape History was deleted! Take a look:

Also in Windows XP, the Puffle Hat Ideas will not show up! I know this because I use Windows XP!

Also I have LOST MY PUFFLES! I had 18 puffles because I had the stamp…

…and now I don’t have ANY puffles! Also in my new igloo!

(Click for a larger image)

Great, now I have no puffles.

Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

This is amazing! I was looking through Saraapril In Club Penguin, and I found something so cool! You can be a Beta Tester, and see behind the scenes of Club Penguin! First, click “Team” in Club Penguin Team in the What’s New blog. It should take you to Then, type in your penguin name and password, it doesn’t matter if you were a beta tester or not. I started in 2009, and it worked for me.

Now, a penguin that looks like he is Cart Surfing should pop up.

Now click where it says “Type a Command”. Type in: ls . Then three things that Club Penguin is planning should pop up.

I clicked “Rollerscape 1-0”, because it sounded interesting. Then a screen with a Club Penguin game came up!

Then I looked around that page, and saw something interesting…

(If you can’t read it, try clicking it for a larger image.)

That’s the next arcade game! Nice! I wonder if they will add stamps! I am excited now…

More soon about the other two things Club Penguin is planning…

CP Blog: What’s New In April And May!

Hey guys. Club Penguin just made a new blog, since we just started our month of April.

Here’s what’s new in April… AND May:

  • Earth Day Party with two brand new animal costumes!
  • New stamps for games!
  • An epic new Medieval Quest for members… 
  • More new interactions for puffles… stay tuned for more info here on the blog!
  • (Shhh… this one’s for secret agents only…) Some brand new Elite Gear… and something new with a certain polar bear named Herbert…
  • And more…
Are you excited? Feel free to tell!

Rookie Is Now Famous Mascot, New Rookie Stamp, And New Dance Lounge Update!

April Fools! I have three things to show you:

1. Rookie Is Now A Club Penguin Mascot!

Because of the landing of the April Fool’s Party 2011, Rookie, a fellow EPF agent, is now promoted to…drum roll please…A CLUB PENGUIN MASCOT! This means you are now able to meet him on Club Penguin! I don’t have a tracker for him, so here are a few sites you can go to that have trackers:

These are just random websites I just pulled out from Google, but I’m sure the will work. And here’s the background that Rookie will give you:

2. New Rookie Stamp!

Now that Rookie is meetable on Club Penguin, there is of course a stamp for him. This stamp is extreme, I think because he is mostly working for the EPF. LOL. Anyway, Rookie usually goes to the Box Dimension and any of the other dimensions. But here is the full guide to where he goes to ( you can also find him by using the trackers above ) :

Top Place: Box Dimension

2. Strange Dimension

3. Desert Dimension

4. Stair Dimension

5. Space Dimension

6. A Silly Place

7. Cream Soda Dimension

8. Doodle Dimension

9. Candy Dimension

10. Snow Forts

11. Dock

12. Town

13. Iceberg

14. Night Club

15. EPF Command Room

3. New Dance Lounge Update!

Finally, it has come! The new Dance Lounge has been launched. This Dance Lounge includes:

New walls, two new games ( Hit The Target and Bits And Bolts ), an open arcade game for another game, a hole to see penguins on the dance floor, a soda thingy, and beautiful puffle and regular lights hanging on the walls.

Look at this amazing Dance Lounge!


Here is the new Bits and Bolts:

Hey look, I can see Colorbird10 dancing! Hello my friend Colorbird!

How do you like these updates? These deserve an AWESOME SCALE!