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Pufflenews Update!

Hey guys! I have just updated Pufflenews today, for the Underwater Expedition!

I hope you guys like it. I am planning to change this every month!

-Colorbird10 🙂


I’m Announcing The PNA’S!

Hello! I am announcing the PNA’S! Or Pufflenews Awards. There will be about five categories, and three nominess per category. And YOU–my viewers– will have the chance to pick one of them, and the people who picked that one the most WINS the category!!!!!

The winners will recieve… wait for it… something



Nominees are based on Authors! Check out the categories on the new widget, “Announcements”! It is located on the left!

Good luck authors!!!!

Super Story Sneak Peeks!

I am bringing you the sneak peek of the new Super Story! It will probably be ready by early 2012, or if I’m lucky enought in could be realesed late 2011, in December or November. Anyway, the name…

It is kind of like Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension (And by the way it was a pretty good movie!) but all I did was rename it so it would look like the two dimensions are fighting, which is kind of what they did in PF: 2D, but, this is totally different. I can tell you the first dimension is ruled by a nice queen named Queen of Light, and the second is ruled by the King of Darkness. Here is a sneak peek.

Are you excited for this event? I am getting started with it, and hopefully I will make it into a video, if I find a video camera that can tape the screen of Internet Explorer… if you have Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, please comment and tell me if there is some kind of camera, I would really appreciate it 🙂

New Story

I am currently working on a new story… some stories have been cancelled but I am sure this one will be released when it is scheduled!

This will be favortie story EVER 🙂 Please comment on your thoughts!

Pufflenews In August

New things are coming!

– New theme, header, and more! UPDATE: tHIS IS ALREADY LAUNCHED!

– New Story: Going On An Adventure… (Set to launch the third week of August)

– New Authors! (Maybe)

-New Updates! Like…

Penguin of the Month! (Set to launch August 31)

Igloo of the Month! (Set to launch August 31)

Pufflenews Challenges (Set to launch next week)

Story Requests! (Set to launch third week of August)

Are you excited? Comment to tell us!

New Stuff!

Hey guys! I just updated this blog! Here is what you find in this new blog:

– New Background

– New Header

– New Theme (Got it from Starwarsrox1’s CP Cheats!)

– New Sidebar Settup (TWO sidebars!)

So, do you like these updates? I think it is REALLY cool!