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Club Penguin BUGS!– Stage Bug, Snow & Sports Bug, Puffle Rescue Bug, and Beach Bug!

Hey guys. Today I have seen 4 bugs. Check them out. Norman Swarm is playing at the stage, right? the potted flowers in the corner is a bug! There are no roots to be seen in the broken pot space! Take a look!

Also, when you want to buy some sports gear, you will see the catalog is still from January! Take a look:

After all these bugs, I decided to play some Puffle Rescue. Even that bas bugs! When I quit the game the coin and stamps pop-up was in the Mine!

Then when I pressed the “X”, I found myself in a blank, non-member igloo! Look:

Now for the last bug. On the map, you know how the Beach has trees?

Well, TOTAL FAIL! In the real Beach, there are nets, fish, and a buoy! That’s it!

Well, that’s it. Once again, Club Penguin proved themselves l – a – z – y.


New Newspaper Issue #283 Now Out!

Check your mailboxes! A new newspaper has been released. Here is the first article:


An agent has accidentally unlocked new rooms in the Box Dimension. The April Fool’s Party will start earlier than planned this year, after an agent opened several sealed doors in the Box Dimension.

 WACKY COSTUMES ARE COMING! Get ready to wackify your wardrobe. Costume designers are creating new looks inspired by the Box Dimension! “For this Penguin Style catalog, we’re really thinking out of the box.” said one designer. “Actually….make that IN the box.” Designers are researching the dimension’s many landscapes. “One look has real ‘star’ appeal.” said the designer. “I hope it’s a ‘universal’ hit!” “Another outfit is inspired by dusty terrain and another-oops, I’ve said too much.” “That’s all I can dessert-I mean divulge!” Check out all the loopy looks when they hit the Gift Shop on April 1.

Wow! That costume designer was really weird. Dusty terrain, something else, and dessert…hmmm….

March 18 Squidzoid V.S. Shadow Guy And Gamma Gal

March 25 Members Only scavenger hunt

April 1 Penguin Style

March 25 April Fool’s Party

Pin Hidden Until March 24

Next Pin Hidden March 25-April 7

WHAT? Members only!? Well, how do you like this? Feel free to tell!



Haunting Of The Viking Opera Comes To The Stage!

Laaaaaa!!!!!!!! The Haunting Of The Viking Opera has returned to the stage.

Look at this wonderful play! This is the first time I saw this and it’s AMAZING!

Here are the cheats for this catalog:

The things circled in green are the things you can buy.

The things circled in red are the cheats.

How To Get The Red Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the second page.

2. Click the “g” in “Viking”. (As shown below in red)

Third page:

And, finally, the fourth, where you can buy the Viking Ship background.

Do you like this play? What would you rate this on our AWESOMENESS SCALE?