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Tropical Bird Pin

Club Penguin has released a new pin! It’s at the Gift Shop.

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New Tiki Mask Pin Cheats

Today Club Penguin released a new pin. The pin is at the dock. Here is what it looks like:

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Also soon, I am making a list of pins. But it will start with this pin and go on when a new pin is released. So keep your eyes out for a new page called “List of Pins”!

Red Guitar Pin Cheat!

Today a new pin has been released. It is the Red Guitar Pin. Here it is:

It is at the Hidden Lake.

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New May 2011 Penguin Style And Medieval Pin CHEATS!

Today I have found 2 new things! One is the new May Penguin Style for the new Medieval Party! Check it out:

How to find the Red Viking Helmet and the Blue Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the Make-Your-Own T-Shirt page
2. Click on the yellow puffle
3. Open and close it four more times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

How to get the Blue Dragon Feet:

1. Go to the second page
2. Click on the squiggly line picture on the bookcase, next to the girl.

There are no more cheats, but this is a good catalog. Look at the next page:

That’s a lot “BUY”‘s! Now the next page..

That’s May, now look at the new Penguins At Work.

Okay, now to the backgrounds. These are my favorite backgrounds!

Also, Club Penguin has released a new pin, which is the second thing I found. It’s at the Dojo.

Okay, that’s it. Do you like this pin and the May catalog? Comment below!

Earth Day Review: Club Penguin News

In my new igloo I’m always taking care of the growing food and plants in my backyard. They’re not just decorations, they’re life. Imagine if you were the plant, and the penguin did not give you sunlight or water. How would you feel? Very. very, very sad and dry, right? It’s life, just like you take care of yourself, you need to take care of where you live- Earth.

So why don’t we start at the Mine? On April 21 the Earth Day party will come around and the Mine might be updated. And the Mine is important. It started out as one, dirty, environment-hurter mine. But when Earth Day 2010 came, it changed the world. Earth Day had changed the Mine by making it a garden, and an Earth-friendly place. They also added a new room, where you can recycle things to make new, usable things! So when I went to the Mine, I wondered, “Lets start here.” So there I went, watering and planting food, reusable food.

And I LOVED the pin we got during that party. The Recycle pin, standing proud in our inventory, reminding us of how we took care of the planet.

And to other people- don’t knock down trees! Trees give us oxygen, which helps us live! Also, the trees are one of the most important things of our environment. Trees can help us, and the Earth stay alive while we can.

Now lets move to the Forest- where trees happily grow. Just like that last paragraph, don’t cut down trees! Another important thing is to water the trees. They’re plants, too! Trees have roots, stems, and leaves, just like plants! This is why I’m heading over to the Forest, wearing the Water-Suit 1000.

Now I’m moving to the Dojo. There are trees here too. Lets water these…then these… oh! These are Sensei’s favorite! Sensei will be SO SO SO happy!

Remember- when we take care of anything, trees, plants, flowers, or even ourselves, we are always taking care of our beloved, sweet, tremendous place that we call: home.

New Club Penguin Stuff And Colorbird10’s Adventures Sneak Peek

Hey guys, sorry I’m late. There are just so many new things on Fridays! Here are the new things!

-Brown Puffle Pin (Ski Village)

-Orange Puffle Pin (Night Club)

-April 2011 Postcards

-Newspaper Issue 286

-Better Igloos April 2011

-CP Blog: Happy77 Asks Your Puffle Questions!

-CP Blog: Reviewed By You: Animals

-Puffle Wallpaper

-Dot Message

That’s all I missed. If I ever miss something, please forgive me. Also, I am working on some stories to share about what I do on Club Penguin… here’s a sneak peek…

New Purple Puffle Pin!

Next to the puffle series- the purple puffle! Here it is:

(Pizza Parlor)

That was a little difficult for me to get. Reminder: go EXACTLY where I am to get the pin.

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New Pink Puffle Pin!

It’s been two weeks! Now there are two new puffle pins. The first is the pink puffle- currently at the Cove.

Wow, one a little cheerful puffle pink ones are. Do you like this pin? Comment below!

New Black Puffle Pin!

Yo yo yo, the black puffle pin came out. It’s at the Recycle room. Check it out.

This looks cool. A lot. Rate. Awesome scale. Thanks. 😉