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Pufflenews In August

New things are coming!

– New theme, header, and more! UPDATE: tHIS IS ALREADY LAUNCHED!

– New Story: Going On An Adventure… (Set to launch the third week of August)

– New Authors! (Maybe)

-New Updates! Like…

Penguin of the Month! (Set to launch August 31)

Igloo of the Month! (Set to launch August 31)

Pufflenews Challenges (Set to launch next week)

Story Requests! (Set to launch third week of August)

Are you excited? Comment to tell us!


When Will The Penguin Band Show? Plus Penguin Band Contest!

Right now I only found the Penguin Band’s Franky once… and no one else. I’m trying to find G Billy, Petey K and Stompin’ Bob. Why are they so hard to find on ENGLISH Servers????

PLEASE Comment when you have found the Penguin Band on an English Server. Please state:

– The Server
– The Room
– Your Penguin Name
– The Time

If you are the FIRST one to comment I will add you on Club Penguin! Good luck!

NOTE: This is the first ever Pufflenews Challenge, but is not actually counted as one. The first Pufflenews Challenge will come July 14.

UPDATE: After the comment by Choomoo1, you can only comment between 7:00 AM PST- 10:00 PM PST. For me, that is 10 in the morning through 7 in the night, that is eastern time.

Pufflenews In June

Hey guys! Today I’m giving you some information about what’s in June!

When Music Jam Comes- New Header!

June 22- New Story: The Jam Jam

June 11- June 18: Pufflenews Challenges! Comment on the latest post you see about a question I ask, and you could be marked Penguin of the Month!

June 9- Penguin of the Month!

June 29- July 29: Something classified… probably not good to reveal now… but it’s about a certain polar bear…

Are you excited for June? Comment below!

UPDATE: Now I can’t do all of these because I can’t reach Club Penguin! See the latest post “CP Fails To Renew Domain Name!” for more info!