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Hello, uh… server Sleet for the anniversary isn’t working for me… so I’m moving it to server Hibernate! Same place, time, different server….

Hope you understand. See you at the party! 😉



Summer Bash

I have the party pic!

Hope to see you there! Also, to my other authors– please comment about your apperance. I would like to know if you will be there.

Cp Suummer Bash Party!

Well, this summer I think we should have a Summer Bash!I am hosting it.Here is the information.

(This post is orginally from Starwarsrox1’s CP Cheats. Please go to to see who the V.I.Ps are.)

What’s Up In May? Upcoming Events!

So today I have made the upcoming events in May!

May 22- Wizard Party! 2 P.M. Eastern to 3 P.M. Eastern

May 20- Medieval Party (Club Penguin)

May 19- Website Updates!

May 13- Friday the 13th(If anything is wrong, keep in mind… it is NOT my fault!)

May 7- My new igloo!

Here is the Wizard Party information:

Date: May 22, 2011

Time: 2:00 P.M. Eastern to 3:00 Eastern

Server: Cabin

Rooms: Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon (Because of the decorations)

Pufflenews Vote: Magic Wand or Magic Stick? And May Party Coming Up!

Hey guys. Colorbird10’s favorite show is Wizards of Waverly Place(what? It has boys in it!), so he’ll make May all about his favorite Disney Channel show! So I want to know… for my wizard costume… should I hold the Magic Wand…

…or should I hold the Magic Stick…

Remember- this is about what YOU think! If you like I should hold the Magic Wand, cool. If you think I should hold the Magic Stick, okay. So what do you think I should wear? Comment below! Also, to celebrate his favorite show, he will hold a party:

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time: Starts at 2:00 Eastern; ends at 3:00 Eastern

Server: Hibernate

Rooms: My Igloo(On Map), Town, Night Club, Snow Forts, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Forest, Cove, Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, and Beacon. (To remember, I’ll just start off at my igloo and say, “Off to the______!”, “I’m going to the _________!”, or “Better go to the ________ ! I’m telling you so you won’t miss me”)

NOTE: Eventually, I will be adding around 5-20 penguins, but just keep your fingers crossed, becuase you never know if I might add even YOU!

REMINDER- My St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Go green, everyone! Today is the day of my St. Patrick’s Day party!

Here is the information:

Server: Hibernate

Rooms: Town, Dock, Beach, my igloo on map, and more!

Time: 3:00 Eastern, 2:00 Central, 1:00 Montain, 12:00 Pacific

So, are you going? Remember to where green, and bring your green puffle.(If you have one.) Please come, and tell your friends!

Colorbird10’s Adding!

Hey, penguins! My favorite month is March, so all month long I’m going to be adding! It’s like a little scavenger hunt; if you find me, I’ll add you!

Speaking of March and adding, March 13 will be my St. Patrick’s Day Party. I’m adding then, too!

So you can find me, here is where I like to go on Club Penguin:

Server: Sleet

Room: Dock

Time: Anyday, anytime!

Sometimes I like to be on my Wizard127, and you can also find me on Colorbird10.