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What’s Up In May? Upcoming Events!

So today I have made the upcoming events in May!

May 22- Wizard Party! 2 P.M. Eastern to 3 P.M. Eastern

May 20- Medieval Party (Club Penguin)

May 19- Website Updates!

May 13- Friday the 13th(If anything is wrong, keep in mind… it is NOT my fault!)

May 7- My new igloo!

Here is the Wizard Party information:

Date: May 22, 2011

Time: 2:00 P.M. Eastern to 3:00 Eastern

Server: Cabin

Rooms: Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon (Because of the decorations)


Beta Team Rollerscape History Deleted??? And Puffle Hat Ideas NOT Opening In Windows XP: Club Penguin BUGS!!

Today I was checking out my Beta Team stuff, and I saw that the Rollerscape History was deleted! Take a look:

Also in Windows XP, the Puffle Hat Ideas will not show up! I know this because I use Windows XP!

Also I have LOST MY PUFFLES! I had 18 puffles because I had the stamp…

…and now I don’t have ANY puffles! Also in my new igloo!

(Click for a larger image)

Great, now I have no puffles.

Earth Day Review: Club Penguin News

In my new igloo I’m always taking care of the growing food and plants in my backyard. They’re not just decorations, they’re life. Imagine if you were the plant, and the penguin did not give you sunlight or water. How would you feel? Very. very, very sad and dry, right? It’s life, just like you take care of yourself, you need to take care of where you live- Earth.

So why don’t we start at the Mine? On April 21 the Earth Day party will come around and the Mine might be updated. And the Mine is important. It started out as one, dirty, environment-hurter mine. But when Earth Day 2010 came, it changed the world. Earth Day had changed the Mine by making it a garden, and an Earth-friendly place. They also added a new room, where you can recycle things to make new, usable things! So when I went to the Mine, I wondered, “Lets start here.” So there I went, watering and planting food, reusable food.

And I LOVED the pin we got during that party. The Recycle pin, standing proud in our inventory, reminding us of how we took care of the planet.

And to other people- don’t knock down trees! Trees give us oxygen, which helps us live! Also, the trees are one of the most important things of our environment. Trees can help us, and the Earth stay alive while we can.

Now lets move to the Forest- where trees happily grow. Just like that last paragraph, don’t cut down trees! Another important thing is to water the trees. They’re plants, too! Trees have roots, stems, and leaves, just like plants! This is why I’m heading over to the Forest, wearing the Water-Suit 1000.

Now I’m moving to the Dojo. There are trees here too. Lets water these…then these… oh! These are Sensei’s favorite! Sensei will be SO SO SO happy!

Remember- when we take care of anything, trees, plants, flowers, or even ourselves, we are always taking care of our beloved, sweet, tremendous place that we call: home.

Colorbird10 Moves To An Outdoor Igloo!

Hey guys. Today I just moved to a new igloo! My decorations make it look like a real house. I have bought…drumroll please… THE OUTDOOR IGLOO!

This is a pretty igloo- a garden, nice trees and plants, comfortable relaxing area, couch near fireplace, computer, and a kitchen! Do you like my new igloo! Please comment!