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Rockhopper Look-a-like Contest!

I am doing a Rockhopper look a like contest! You will have to dress up and try your best to look like Rockhopper( without Yarr, but you could still have Yarr).

If you are…

The Grand Prize Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10, get posted onĀ Pufflenews, and you will hang out with him for a limited time, and help him find cheats on CP!

The Runner-Up Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10, and get posted on Pufflenews!

The Last Place Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10!

If you are any threee of these, all threee of you will have to meet at the same time. The Grand Prize winner will hang out with me. To the future winners: Do not meet me and go away! I must have time to take a picture of you on Pufflenews!

Good luck!

UPDATE: Actually, no update. Sorry about that!

UPDATE: Please comment telling me where you are and your server. ONLY COMMENT in between the hours of 10:00 Eastern and 6:00 Eastern! The Contest will end on July 31, 2011