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Me and My Puffles :) Colorbird10’s Stories

Hello! I am now returning the Colorbird10’s Stories!

Me and My Puffles 🙂 :

I love the new Pufflscape game because it is fun and the music is relaxing! So today I decided to have a little fun…

Choose a puffle… I recently let my puffles have a new life in the wilderness so I only have two puffles. “I pick… Cutey! Sorry, Flameball” 😦 LOL

“Down you go… let me get my camera..”

“Smile…” *click*! Cutey loves to have her picture taken, especially before Pufflescape.

“Oops… you blinked…”

….after getting the key….

“Good job Cutey! You unlocked the door! I knew you could do it!” : D

“Okay… we’re done. Go home Cutey. Hmmm… you still want to play? Okay…”

So we wandered around the island looking for games. Cutey tugged on me when I went in the wrong direction. Finally, we landed in the Night Club. He tugged me toward Dance Contest. “Is that what you want to play? Ok! Cadence! Bust a beat!”



Calling All EPF Agents! New System Defender Level And Stamp!

I was looking at my stampbook when I saw a new Stamp! Track Herebert- Complete the Track Herbert Level.

New level!? SWEET! I went to System Defender. WARNING! System Under Attack…

Just put that there, and… done! I completeing the level! I got a double coin bonus because I got the stamp and I completed my System Defender Collection!

YAY! Do you like this System Defender level AND stamp? AWESOME SCALE!!!






Also, this means the EPF Story will come soon! Are you excited for the story? Comment on your thoughts about all of this!

New Story

I am currently working on a new story… some stories have been cancelled but I am sure this one will be released when it is scheduled!

This will be favortie story EVER 🙂 Please comment on your thoughts!

July or August Parent Update!

Hey guys! I just got a new Parent Update! Check it out…

(Click for a larger view)

OMG! Sled Racing Party, and a new System Defender level! I am so excited! Comment please!

Newspaper Issue #301 Now Out!

Hey guys! I am back and posting. To start, here’s Newspaper Issue 1:

Cream Soda Found! Mystery Remains…

Treasure hunters have uncovered cream soda barrels! “Ye be the finest pirates!” Said Rockhopper. “Once ye find me missin’ barrels-come to the Pizza Parlor.” “There be bottles o’ cream soda at every table! Yar har!” The cream soda is trickling in, but one question is still unanswered..

Speedy Snow Gear Soon!

Extreme sports gear is coming! “I’m so stoked.” Said one snowboarder. “I can’t wait to show off my moves!” “I wonder why we’re getting all this extreme gear? Something epic must be on it’s way…” “Whatever it is, I hope we get a chance to compete! ‘Cos standing on a winners podium would be gnarly(nar- lee).” “The extreme gear is speeding into the Gift Shop August 4. I’ll race you there!”

And I’ll win!

LOL, here is the upcoming events!

August 4: Penguin Style Catalog

August 4: August Party Revealed

August 18: Team Blue V.S. Team Red! (I hope team blue wins!)

August 12: Better Igloos

New pin (Tropical Bird Pin) Hidden until August 10.

August sounds! Exciting! I hope it would be as exciting as last August!

But one thing… if you have the first Club Penguin DS game, you probably like the game Snow Boarding… I wonder if that will come? Comment on your thoughts!

EPF Investigation: Part 1

EPF Investigation Part 1

With all this fighting between the EPF and Herbert, I just couldn’t take it any more! So as I walked up the Lighthouse’s stairs of peace, I started to play my guitar….

… when all of a sudden I heard a noise! I walked to the light anxiously…

… “Be careful” I told myself and I sarted to fly a jet pack.

BOOM!!!!! I crash landed in a place with lots of trees…

… which turned out to be the Town. Then I heard the noise again…

It was louder than ever before when I reached the Snow Forts. Scared I yelled out into the trees…

When all of a sudden a crab sneaked out from the trees! With shock I gasped and stared at the crab…

… “Oh my I must report this to Gary” I said…

To Be Conitnued…

Beta Team News: New Rollerscape Extra Levels And Skyscraper Game!

Today the beta team can test two new things: extra levels in Rollerscape, and a new game called Skyscraper!

I don’t have any pics about the levels in Rollerscape…BUT- I have a picture for Skyscraper. But, it’s just a black screen in Internet Explorer.

What do you think of this? Comment below!

Club Penguin BUGS!– Stage Bug, Snow & Sports Bug, Puffle Rescue Bug, and Beach Bug!

Hey guys. Today I have seen 4 bugs. Check them out. Norman Swarm is playing at the stage, right? the potted flowers in the corner is a bug! There are no roots to be seen in the broken pot space! Take a look!

Also, when you want to buy some sports gear, you will see the catalog is still from January! Take a look:

After all these bugs, I decided to play some Puffle Rescue. Even that bas bugs! When I quit the game the coin and stamps pop-up was in the Mine!

Then when I pressed the “X”, I found myself in a blank, non-member igloo! Look:

Now for the last bug. On the map, you know how the Beach has trees?

Well, TOTAL FAIL! In the real Beach, there are nets, fish, and a buoy! That’s it!

Well, that’s it. Once again, Club Penguin proved themselves l – a – z – y.

New EPF Messages, Field Op #44 Cheats, And Colorbird10’s Stories Sneak Peek!

Today I have three things. First, there are two new messages( that by the way showed up “magically” after my Bits & Bolts game again ):

The Director quoted: “Protobot must be taken offline at all costs. We must act before it has a chance to finish rebuilding itself. That time is now.”

Gary Quoted: “*Closed message-channel secure from Protobot.* Alright Herbert. We decoded your message. What is your proposal for taking care of Protobot?”

Cool, but I don’t exactly know what they mean. I’m saying, all they’ve been doing it chatter talking about stuff I don’t even know as fourth grader! Like really, proposal? SERIOUSLY Club Penguin! I am nine years old, in fourth grade, and I don’t even know what that means. Whatever, here is the field ops cheats.

1. Click on the button to go to the Command Room.

2. Go to the yellow screen.

Herbert has transmitted us Protobot’s and the test bots’ current location – in the woods north of the Cove. Move into position, and take them offline. Use tactical H2O cannons, which are only dangerous to robots.

Okay, how ’bout here…no. Here…no. Here…possibly…yes!

Okay, click on Spy Phone…hey! I just learned that in Math! That was easy… wow! This has lots of capitols…


Ka-boomy… LOL. Okay… onto the sneak peek. I am making stories for fun, to share with all of you. Here’s a sneak peek:

This new section will successfully be opened May 11, two days from now and two days before the Medieval Construction. Now the Awesome Scale needs to be an excited scale…






New EPF Message From Dot!

As soon as I finished my Bits & Bolts game today, I saw a new message! See here:

It says:

“That’s true JPG, but I think Herbert has realized how dangerous Protobot is. If he’s willing to help us, I say we accept.”

Amazing! If Herbert is willing to help, the EPF would accept! They will finally become friends! Yay!