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Rockhopper’s Quest Sunrise/Sunset BUG!

A bug has been found!

When you are on Rockhopper’s ship, when docked to Dinosaur island, the sky will look like a beautiful morning!

BUT, on Dinosaur Island, the sky will look as if it is sunset!

Is this a bug? It looks like one to me.


Underwater Expedition Cheats!

Hurray! The Underwater Expedition has finally come! Here you will find all of the cheats!

What the? The island is tilted!

Hmmm… there is a poster here. “Discover The Deep”…

What the? Is this at the Beach? Why is the Lighthouse here?

Oh…my…gosh… NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLUB PENGUIN IS SINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s this here? A little puzzle map?

This is a map of the Underwater Maze! You might want to write the directions down…

You might think this is easy…

…but it’s not like August 2011’s maze…

Woot woot! I made it to the end! If you beat the maze you should come up with a room like this:

Also there a two new items, one that will be mentioned in another post, and one that you for beating the maze!

Walk over and claim your prize:

A Submarine Suit!

If you put it on with nothing else and sit, you will be acting like a submarine!

Okay… I’m starting to drown down here… let’s go back to the surface, or water, or whatever.

Oh, look! You can now enter the Maze Treasure Room from the beach!

Yay! I beat the maze! But there are more important things to do.. like help a certain agent… capture a certain polar bear… make more posts for a certain blog 😉 … and have a nice day underwater for a certain Colorbird10… 🙂

There are more things to come!

“Anvil Party Hat! Underwater Expedition!” Post


More Funny Pics!

I hope you like the Underwater Party!

Me and My Puffles :) Colorbird10’s Stories

Hello! I am now returning the Colorbird10’s Stories!

Me and My Puffles 🙂 :

I love the new Pufflscape game because it is fun and the music is relaxing! So today I decided to have a little fun…

Choose a puffle… I recently let my puffles have a new life in the wilderness so I only have two puffles. “I pick… Cutey! Sorry, Flameball” 😦 LOL

“Down you go… let me get my camera..”

“Smile…” *click*! Cutey loves to have her picture taken, especially before Pufflescape.

“Oops… you blinked…”

….after getting the key….

“Good job Cutey! You unlocked the door! I knew you could do it!” : D

“Okay… we’re done. Go home Cutey. Hmmm… you still want to play? Okay…”

So we wandered around the island looking for games. Cutey tugged on me when I went in the wrong direction. Finally, we landed in the Night Club. He tugged me toward Dance Contest. “Is that what you want to play? Ok! Cadence! Bust a beat!”


Rockhopper Look-a-like Contest!

I am doing a Rockhopper look a like contest! You will have to dress up and try your best to look like Rockhopper( without Yarr, but you could still have Yarr).

If you are…

The Grand Prize Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10, get posted on Pufflenews, and you will hang out with him for a limited time, and help him find cheats on CP!

The Runner-Up Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10, and get posted on Pufflenews!

The Last Place Winner, you will get to meet Colorbird10!

If you are any threee of these, all threee of you will have to meet at the same time. The Grand Prize winner will hang out with me. To the future winners: Do not meet me and go away! I must have time to take a picture of you on Pufflenews!

Good luck!

UPDATE: Actually, no update. Sorry about that!

UPDATE: Please comment telling me where you are and your server. ONLY COMMENT in between the hours of 10:00 Eastern and 6:00 Eastern! The Contest will end on July 31, 2011

Penguin Name Glitch, Typo, Bug, or Possibly A Moderator?!?!?!?! You Decide!

Today I came across something weird– very weird. A penguin’s name was Waddle:O :O :O :O :O :O, but on his playercard, it just said Waddle! Here is some proof:

Click for a larger image.

What do you think it is?





Comment on your thoughts!

Wallpaper and Screen Saver of Pictures!

Soon I will take pictures of the Penguin Band’s music video, “Better Days”. I have only shot one picture right now, and I want to show you it:

Soon, I will make a Screen Saver, and a wallpaper, out of this and the other pictures!

Also, this picture will be used in “Developer Update and Music Video!”!

Will you get the wallpaper and screen saver? It will come probably next week or the week after! Comment please!

Developer Update And Music Video!

Club Penguin has updated their blog with a new Developer Update. Here is what’s new:

New Better Igloos- Save your coins, because the brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming!

Online Celebrations– Happy77 has recorded a video to go along with the Penguin Band’s new song, “Better Days!” Here is one part of it:

Picture Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Bug Squashing– Club Penguin is fixing a few bugs, like when you appear in the tutorial lake when you are over 100 days old.

Beta Team- Billybob or whoever does the beta team is working on new tests for you. See the post: Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

Are you excited? Comment below to tell us!

When Will The Penguin Band Show? Plus Penguin Band Contest!

Right now I only found the Penguin Band’s Franky once… and no one else. I’m trying to find G Billy, Petey K and Stompin’ Bob. Why are they so hard to find on ENGLISH Servers????

PLEASE Comment when you have found the Penguin Band on an English Server. Please state:

– The Server
– The Room
– Your Penguin Name
– The Time

If you are the FIRST one to comment I will add you on Club Penguin! Good luck!

NOTE: This is the first ever Pufflenews Challenge, but is not actually counted as one. The first Pufflenews Challenge will come July 14.

UPDATE: After the comment by Choomoo1, you can only comment between 7:00 AM PST- 10:00 PM PST. For me, that is 10 in the morning through 7 in the night, that is eastern time.

I Met Franky In Server Big Snow TODAY At 1:26!

Hello! I am JOYFUL!!! I have met Franky just this early afternoon! (In server Big Snow)

This is how my Stamp Book looks like right now! I decorated right at 1:34.

This is how my player card looks like. The Penguin Band background is from FRANKY!

This was a very nice day for me! And probably with MY good luck that I am giving to YOU, YOU can find Franky, Stompin’ Bob, Petey K, or G Billy today! Or maybe all of them in one day! And now with the extension of the Music Jam I can find the rest of them!  Good luck!

Maybe YOU can find him next!

Club Penguin Is Working!

When I logged on Club Penguin at around 1:15 it was working! HURRAY! You can now continue to search for Cadence and the Penguin Band and enjoy the new Music Jam 2011. ALSO: CP also said the Music Jam is extended to July 5!

-Colorbird10 🙂