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New Stuff!

There has been releases, but there are too many to take pictures of. So here is the stuff:

– Penguin Style

– Newspaper

– Two new messages

– New Blog Posts

– And lots more!

I’m sorry I can’t take pictures! My computer is full of pictures so I can’t post pictures for a while!

So do you like thesse new things? Comment to tell us!

UPDATE: I am making a new post with pictures!


Newspaper Issue #301 Now Out!

Hey guys! I am back and posting. To start, here’s Newspaper Issue 1:

Cream Soda Found! Mystery Remains…

Treasure hunters have uncovered cream soda barrels! “Ye be the finest pirates!” Said Rockhopper. “Once ye find me missin’ barrels-come to the Pizza Parlor.” “There be bottles o’ cream soda at every table! Yar har!” The cream soda is trickling in, but one question is still unanswered..

Speedy Snow Gear Soon!

Extreme sports gear is coming! “I’m so stoked.” Said one snowboarder. “I can’t wait to show off my moves!” “I wonder why we’re getting all this extreme gear? Something epic must be on it’s way…” “Whatever it is, I hope we get a chance to compete! ‘Cos standing on a winners podium would be gnarly(nar- lee).” “The extreme gear is speeding into the Gift Shop August 4. I’ll race you there!”

And I’ll win!

LOL, here is the upcoming events!

August 4: Penguin Style Catalog

August 4: August Party Revealed

August 18: Team Blue V.S. Team Red! (I hope team blue wins!)

August 12: Better Igloos

New pin (Tropical Bird Pin) Hidden until August 10.

August sounds! Exciting! I hope it would be as exciting as last August!

But one thing… if you have the first Club Penguin DS game, you probably like the game Snow Boarding… I wonder if that will come? Comment on your thoughts!

Developer Update And Music Video!

Club Penguin has updated their blog with a new Developer Update. Here is what’s new:

New Better Igloos- Save your coins, because the brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming!

Online Celebrations– Happy77 has recorded a video to go along with the Penguin Band’s new song, “Better Days!” Here is one part of it:

Picture Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Bug Squashing– Club Penguin is fixing a few bugs, like when you appear in the tutorial lake when you are over 100 days old.

Beta Team- Billybob or whoever does the beta team is working on new tests for you. See the post: Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

Are you excited? Comment below to tell us!

July 2011 Penguin Style Cheats

Today Club Penguin released a new Penguin Style for July’s Adventure Party!

Here are the cheats!

This is the first page. There are no hidden items.

How to find th Adventure Outfit:

1. Go to the third page. (Not including the Create Your Own And Colors)

2. Click the first candle to the left.

How to find The Lookout:

1. Go to the fourth page. (Not including Create Your Own and colors)

2. Click the rocks that penguin’s foot is on.

This is the fifth page. There are no hidden items.


Here is the backgrounds page, which is unusually near the first page of the catalog.

( 2 are new, 2 are old)

Here is the “Penguins At Work” page:

And that’s the cheats! Do you like the new catalog? Comment below to tell us!

June 2011 Penguin Style Cheats

Today the official June Penguin Style has come, and it is made for the June 2011 Music Jam! Here are the cheats:

How to find the Black Electric Guitar:

1. Go to the third page.

2. Click the tiny button on the second speaker.

How to find the “The Shore Thing”:

1. Go to the second page.

2. Click where it is circled below:

How to find the Blue Double-Necked Guitar:

1. Go to the third page.

2. Click the pink tiki’s eyes.

Now, here are the new backgrounds:

That’s the cheats! Do you like this month’s catalog? Comment below!

New Message From Protobot, May 2011 Better Igloos Cheats, Igloo Upgrades May 2011 Cheats, And Skyscraper And Puffle Hat Ideas Deleted?

Having trouble… please come back soon…


New May 2011 Penguin Style And Medieval Pin CHEATS!

Today I have found 2 new things! One is the new May Penguin Style for the new Medieval Party! Check it out:

How to find the Red Viking Helmet and the Blue Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the Make-Your-Own T-Shirt page
2. Click on the yellow puffle
3. Open and close it four more times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

How to get the Blue Dragon Feet:

1. Go to the second page
2. Click on the squiggly line picture on the bookcase, next to the girl.

There are no more cheats, but this is a good catalog. Look at the next page:

That’s a lot “BUY”‘s! Now the next page..

That’s May, now look at the new Penguins At Work.

Okay, now to the backgrounds. These are my favorite backgrounds!

Also, Club Penguin has released a new pin, which is the second thing I found. It’s at the Dojo.

Okay, that’s it. Do you like this pin and the May catalog? Comment below!

New Club Penguin Stuff And Colorbird10’s Adventures Sneak Peek

Hey guys, sorry I’m late. There are just so many new things on Fridays! Here are the new things!

-Brown Puffle Pin (Ski Village)

-Orange Puffle Pin (Night Club)

-April 2011 Postcards

-Newspaper Issue 286

-Better Igloos April 2011

-CP Blog: Happy77 Asks Your Puffle Questions!

-CP Blog: Reviewed By You: Animals

-Puffle Wallpaper

-Dot Message

That’s all I missed. If I ever miss something, please forgive me. Also, I am working on some stories to share about what I do on Club Penguin… here’s a sneak peek…

It’s Friday-Two New Things!

Today is Friday, so there are two new stuff. No actually-three new stuff… APRIL FOOLS! That was funny. Okay, two. First:

1. New Newspaper Issue 285!

2. April 2011 Penguin Style

Please check another site for cheats. I am very busy- there is another Missing Puffle.

New Newspaper Issue #282 Now Out!

Penguins- check your mailboxes. A new newspaper has been released. Here’s the first article:


New game for puffles coming March 15! The puffle cannon is almost finished. Excited crowds have been spotted at the Pet Shop waiting for the new game!



Count your lucky clovers- it’s time for the St. Patrick’s Day Igloo Contest! From March 11-14, creative penguins will get the chance to show off their decorating skills. Hopeful igloo decorators should check out the new Better Igloos catalog on March 11. 20 Grand Prize Winners Recieve: 50,000 coins! Their igloo shown in the Club Penguin Times. 20 Runner-Up Winners Recieve: 25,000 coins! Their name published in the Club Penguin Times. CLICK “READ MORE” FOR MORE INFO.

Wow, I’m excited! Let’s see the Upcoming events:

Out Now! New Better Igloos Catalog

Starting March 15 Puffle Launch!!

Starting March 22 Dance Lounge Update

Starting Now St. Patrick’s Day Igloo Contest

Wow, I’m really AM excited! Actually for the Dance Lounge update! I’d give this an Awesome Scale!






What would you rate it on the Awesome Scale?