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New Stuff!

There has been releases, but there are too many to take pictures of. So here is the stuff:

– Penguin Style

– Newspaper

– Two new messages

– New Blog Posts

– And lots more!

I’m sorry I can’t take pictures! My computer is full of pictures so I can’t post pictures for a while!

So do you like thesse new things? Comment to tell us!

UPDATE: I am making a new post with pictures!


Wallpaper and Screen Saver of Pictures!

Soon I will take pictures of the Penguin Band’s music video, “Better Days”. I have only shot one picture right now, and I want to show you it:

Soon, I will make a Screen Saver, and a wallpaper, out of this and the other pictures!

Also, this picture will be used in “Developer Update and Music Video!”!

Will you get the wallpaper and screen saver? It will come probably next week or the week after! Comment please!

Developer Update And Music Video!

Club Penguin has updated their blog with a new Developer Update. Here is what’s new:

New Better Igloos- Save your coins, because the brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming!

Online Celebrations– Happy77 has recorded a video to go along with the Penguin Band’s new song, “Better Days!” Here is one part of it:

Picture Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Bug Squashing– Club Penguin is fixing a few bugs, like when you appear in the tutorial lake when you are over 100 days old.

Beta Team- Billybob or whoever does the beta team is working on new tests for you. See the post: Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

Are you excited? Comment below to tell us!

Reviewed By You: Helpful Friends

Today Billybob posted a new post on the blog. It is about helpful friends, and they chose Erica777’s comment:

Hey CP i’m so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said “hey you new here”. I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said “thats easy it’s the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK

Congratulatons, Erica777! This week, Club Penguin asks you:

Tell us about someone that’s been helpful to you, and why you think they should be featured on the blog.

Here’s my answer:

One person that was helpful to me was my friend Piggyjo. He talked me into not quitting one of my blogs! He should be here on the blog because he really is the nice person that I know! YOU ROCK PIGGYJO!

Shadow Ninja Items 2012 Sneak Peek!

I have found a rare pic that almost no other CP Cheats website has… a sneak peek of a ninja item! Now Club Penguin explained in the What’s New Blog that new ninja items will come…

Incase you can’t read where it is circled, it says:

June 23: New member ninja items at the Ninja Hideout

So, does this make sense… with all of the other items of the outfit, do you think this item…

Thanks to Saraapril, for letting me use this picture.

…will be one of the new items at the Hideout? What do you think? Comment below!

To see every Shadow Ninja item and Shadow Ninja dances, go to

Herbert Attack Review

Club Penguin has stated that Herbert will attack today, so I did some research. Starting at the Mine, last year the Mine was a tall cave… not wide. Is this HERBERT’S cave??

Then of course you find the dragon inside… maybe this is Herbert’s dragon minion??

Now let’s compare… you know that Top Secret EPF Update post Billybob made? Yeah, let’s examine the picture…

Now let’s go to the Knight Quest 3…

Think about this… what are the coincidences? And I found some details in the Knight’s Quest 3… holes! Here in the Orb Room…

… Button Room…

… Warning Room…

… Hydra Room… (But it’s not exactly a hole, but a little tunnel… could it lead somewhere?)

(Sorry, this is not HD or High Definition)

… and finally, the Victory Room…

With all this, I could conclude:

– Herbert will attack with the Hydra Dragons

– Herbert might have something to do with the Knight’s Quest 3 and these holes

– The Mine might be decorated by Herbert in the Medieval Party

– Herbert defenitely using something similar to dragons

What do you think? Awesome Scale!






UPDATE: See newer: Herbert Attack With “Magnitude”!

Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

This is amazing! I was looking through Saraapril In Club Penguin, and I found something so cool! You can be a Beta Tester, and see behind the scenes of Club Penguin! First, click “Team” in Club Penguin Team in the What’s New blog. It should take you to Then, type in your penguin name and password, it doesn’t matter if you were a beta tester or not. I started in 2009, and it worked for me.

Now, a penguin that looks like he is Cart Surfing should pop up.

Now click where it says “Type a Command”. Type in: ls . Then three things that Club Penguin is planning should pop up.

I clicked “Rollerscape 1-0”, because it sounded interesting. Then a screen with a Club Penguin game came up!

Then I looked around that page, and saw something interesting…

(If you can’t read it, try clicking it for a larger image.)

That’s the next arcade game! Nice! I wonder if they will add stamps! I am excited now…

More soon about the other two things Club Penguin is planning…

CP Blog: Happy77 Interviews A Puffle Expert!

Hey guys. Happy77, one of Club Penguin’s moderators, recently made a new blog.

Lots of penguins commented with their puffle questions. Here they are, straight from the blog:

Luky131 asked: “What can I do for my puffles not to runaway?”
Keep them happy! Puffles love snacks, being brushed, going for walks and playing games! Puffles don’t run away quite so easily since the updates back in March. 
Sonic946 asked: “Hi ! I¹d like to know one thing: why can’t puffles use all of the puffle toys? For example, the blue puffle using the rocket or the yellow puffle using the ball.”
Just like you’ve probably got favorite toys, puffles do, too. If you have suggestions for NEW puffle toys, please let us know!
Alex asked: “How do you know food puffles like the most? There are so many that I get confused. What puffle likes what food? What do I click on?”
You’ll never know what your puffle likes until you try to feed it. Watch its facial expressions. Puffles will jump up and down in excitement if they like the food you’re giving them.
Lyfi45 asked: “Why is black puffle always in a bad mood?”
I happen to have a soft spot for grumpy creatures – I’ve got a few black puffles but they aren’t even really that grumpy. They’re just really intense. Mine definitely smiles when he’s got his skateboard.
Canza1 asked: “Why can’t all puffles swim?”
For the same reason we don’t all love eating artichokes, cleaning our rooms, or doing push-ups. They all like to do different things.
What are your puffle questions? You can comment and tell me!

CP Blog: Screenhog On Puffle History Part 2

Hey guys. Screenhog on the Community Blog has made a new blog. He is talking about how puffles were made… Part 2!

The first is the Purple Puffle:

In 2006, the purple puffle was the fifth puffle type to be discovered. The first penguin known to have a purple puffle was Aunt Arctic, but one day, she lost it. She turned to the Penguin Secret Agency for help, and the purple puffle was found. Soon after, other purple puffles populated the Pet Shop. (Say that three times fast.)
Next is the Red Puffle:
The red puffle came soon after, and was brought by Rockhopper as a special Christmas gift. Red puffles are native to Rockhopper Island, and only arrived on Club Penguin after hitching a ride on Rockhopper’s ship!
And finally, the yellow puffle:
The next puffle was the yellow puffle in November 2007. Yellow puffles, who love anything artistic, kept themselves hidden for years. But when penguins started to build a Stage, they were too curious to stay away any longer. 
Did you know about how these puffles came before you read this? because this-is NEWS to me! (Probably isn’t news to you if you were a Beta Tester or started in October 2005)

New Club Penguin Stuff And Colorbird10’s Adventures Sneak Peek

Hey guys, sorry I’m late. There are just so many new things on Fridays! Here are the new things!

-Brown Puffle Pin (Ski Village)

-Orange Puffle Pin (Night Club)

-April 2011 Postcards

-Newspaper Issue 286

-Better Igloos April 2011

-CP Blog: Happy77 Asks Your Puffle Questions!

-CP Blog: Reviewed By You: Animals

-Puffle Wallpaper

-Dot Message

That’s all I missed. If I ever miss something, please forgive me. Also, I am working on some stories to share about what I do on Club Penguin… here’s a sneak peek…