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Club Penguin Coloring Pages Link- Answering To Searches!

I peeked around the searches again (by the way, when there’s a new search I know you guys are coming! Thanks! 🙂 ), and one confused me a bit. But I figured out a way to understand. Someone searched coloring pages, which I actually have to admit I wish you could add them to your site on WordPress. But all I have is the link. Then, scrool down unitl you see “Fun Activities/ Community/ Club Penguin”.

Person who searched coloring pages: Go there to see Club Penguin’s coloring pages. Mine? Well, let’s say I’m working on it…


New DJ Cadence Coloring Page!

Today Club Penguin just released a new coloring page! Check it out:


This includes DJ Cadence controlling the Music Maker 3000 on top of the Night Club during the Puffle Party!

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