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New Story Sneak Peek & Super Story!

Hey guys, it’s been a long time, but here I am!

So over the month of February, I’ve been working on a new story. It’s not quite finished though. IT should be out in March, if not early April. But here’s a sneak peek:

Also, if you follow me on Twitter, you should know I tweeted a sneak peek too.


I’m writing this on Feb. 29th!!!

And, there’s only 18 more days until the Super Story. It will be out on March 18!!!!


Super Story Sneak Peek!! #2

I just tweeted a new sneak peek of the upcoming ( and amazing ) Super Story! Here is another photo of it, in case you don’t have a Twitter:

Where am I?

Is it morning?

I don’t know. But you can guess in the comments. And don’t miss the realease of the Super Story, which is now being told…

MARCH 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited?ย Tell us in the comments! And keep looking over Pufflenews for more sneak peeks!!


Super Story Countdown! Sneak Peek #1!

Hey guys! Considering my free time to finish up the Super Story, I will be sharing sneak peeks of it until the full release!

Sneak peeks will come every Saturday!!!

So I already shared the one with me going to college, but did I show you this one?

What am I gasping at?

What is happening here?

Put together more puzzle pieces every Saturday…ย come back to Pufflenews for more pics!

Please comment on your thoughts and suscribe to Pufflenews!!

Super Story!

Today I made more of the Super Story! I think you’re waiting for a sneak peek. Your wish is my command!

Why is Colorbird10 going to college?

What if he doesn’t find the college?

One of the questions will be answered in late January or February when the Super Story is finished!!!

Send in Story Ideas!

Hello guys! I am stuck thinking about what the next story should be. So now, I am allowing you to comment on any post and share an idea for a story! Credit will be given!


– Colorbird10 ๐Ÿ™‚

Me and My Puffles :) Colorbird10’s Stories

Hello! I am now returning the Colorbird10’s Stories!

Me and My Puffles ๐Ÿ™‚ :

I love the new Pufflscape game because it is fun and the music is relaxing! So today I decided to have a little fun…

Choose a puffle… I recently let my puffles have a new life in the wilderness so I only have two puffles. “I pick… Cutey! Sorry, Flameball” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ LOL

“Down you go… let me get my camera..”

“Smile…” *click*! Cutey loves to have her picture taken, especially before Pufflescape.

“Oops… you blinked…”

….after getting the key….

“Good job Cutey! You unlocked the door! I knew you could do it!” : D

“Okay… we’re done. Go home Cutey. Hmmm… you still want to play? Okay…”

So we wandered around the island looking for games. Cutey tugged on me when I went in the wrong direction. Finally, we landed in the Night Club. He tugged me toward Dance Contest. “Is that what you want to play? Ok! Cadence! Bust a beat!”


Sneak Peek- Colorbird10 and the Secret of Wizard Canmore’s Lab

Hey guys! I have finished filming- duh filming, what am I saying! I am finished with the movie, though it will take me a long time to actually post it on the blog. BUT– here is a sneak peek!

Are you excited? Comment on your thoughts!

Uhh… zzzzzz…. wha? Oh I had something else to say, but I forgot. Until next time! SEE YA!!!

Halloween News

Hello I am here again! I am gonna start working on a Halloween story right now! I can’t really show any sneak peeks yet, but I will show you one soon. I actually am PLANNING for this one to air November 1, because Saturday and Sunday I am free and I will barely have any homework for school on Monday!

Super Story Sneak Peeks!

I am bringing you the sneak peek of the new Super Story! It will probably be ready by early 2012, or if I’m lucky enought in could be realesed late 2011, in December or November. Anyway, the name…

It is kind of like Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension (And by the way it was a pretty good movie!) but all I did was rename it so it would look like the two dimensions are fighting, which is kind of what they did in PF: 2D, but, this is totally different. I can tell you the first dimension is ruled by a nice queen named Queen of Light, and the second is ruled by the King of Darkness. Here is a sneak peek.

Are you excited for this event? I am getting started with it, and hopefully I will make it into a video, if I find a video camera that can tape the screen of Internet Explorer… if you have Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, please comment and tell me if there is some kind of camera, I would really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

Sneak Peek

Hey guys! If you read the post about what’s going inside Pufflenews, you might about a two-part story. It’s true!

The story can be sealed as “Super Story”, but I will share the story name next week, and until the story comes out, I will post sneak peeks of the story every Sunday!

So expect something new on Pufflenews tomorrow. This story will be amazing, and hopefully on time.

Also, Winter is Story Season! You know why? Because I don’t really go out and play in the Winter! And so I have more time, sorry if you excepted all stories, but all stories are scheduled for November-February!

Are you excited? Tell us in the comments!