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Earth Day Review: Club Penguin News

In my new igloo I’m always taking care of the growing food and plants in my backyard. They’re not just decorations, they’re life. Imagine if you were the plant, and the penguin did not give you sunlight or water. How would you feel? Very. very, very sad and dry, right? It’s life, just like you take care of yourself, you need to take care of where you live- Earth.

So why don’t we start at the Mine? On April 21 the Earth Day party will come around and the Mine might be updated. And the Mine is important. It started out as one, dirty, environment-hurter mine. But when Earth Day 2010 came, it changed the world. Earth Day had changed the Mine by making it a garden, and an Earth-friendly place. They also added a new room, where you can recycle things to make new, usable things! So when I went to the Mine, I wondered, “Lets start here.” So there I went, watering and planting food, reusable food.

And I LOVED the pin we got during that party. The Recycle pin, standing proud in our inventory, reminding us of how we took care of the planet.

And to other people- don’t knock down trees! Trees give us oxygen, which helps us live! Also, the trees are one of the most important things of our environment. Trees can help us, and the Earth stay alive while we can.

Now lets move to the Forest- where trees happily grow. Just like that last paragraph, don’t cut down trees! Another important thing is to water the trees. They’re plants, too! Trees have roots, stems, and leaves, just like plants! This is why I’m heading over to the Forest, wearing the Water-Suit 1000.

Now I’m moving to the Dojo. There are trees here too. Lets water these…then these… oh! These are Sensei’s favorite! Sensei will be SO SO SO happy!

Remember- when we take care of anything, trees, plants, flowers, or even ourselves, we are always taking care of our beloved, sweet, tremendous place that we call: home.


New EPF Message and Club Penguin News Sneak Peek

Hey guys! I logged on today and I saw my spy phone blinking. So pick it up and start TALKIN’!

“All communication systems have returned to normal. Great work everyone!

Also, I was thinking about what else to do, so I decided to rename my news. It will be just like every Club Penguin Newspaper, but it comes on Saturdays. Check it out:

If you can’t read it, click it for a larger image.

Do you like this sneak peek? The news is going to be called “Club Penguin News”, and will be posted every Saturday.

This deserves a scale. An AWESOME scale.






Colorbird10’s Daily News: Pink Puffles And System Defender!

This is marked the longest Daily News in Pufflenews history.


Attracted by girls, pink puffles are one of the cutest puffles on the island. Pink Puffles were first discovered in November 2005 in the Snow Forts. They were discovered just in time for Club Penguin’s 2005 Holiday Party! Pink puffles are the most active and athletic puffles of them all. Pink puffles were one of the first puffles to be discovered, along with the blue, black, and green.

Be ACTIVE together!


Is the Director evil?

The Director means many rumors… one of them actually PROVE he is either on Herbert’s team or IS Herbert. Seen below, there is only one more slot for System Defender, which is going to be the Director. There are many chances of the Director being bad because only evil things attack the EPF’S mainframe, or attack with bugs.

An EPF agent test

But some people think it is just a test to prove: are you an EPF agent or an evil penguin on Herbert’s team? The test proves your strength, so for an example: if you defeat the Director’s bugs, you are an EPF agent. If you do not, this proves you are attacking the EPF mainframe.

NOTE: Sorry if I made the second article confusing.

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Colorbird10’s Daily News: Red Puffles And Director Possibilities!

Second day from Wednesday, so it’s Daily News time!


originally from Rockhopper Island, penguins love to have their own pet of red puffles. Red puffles are very adventurous, and love to be taken care of. Their favorite toys are cannons and bowling pins. Red puffles were discovered in 2008 by Rockhopper when they intersected his island. Red puffles are now very well-known since 2008. Sometimes, when Rockhopper is docked in the Beach, he brings his red puffle Yarr. Everybody loves Yarr! “Red puffles are so cool!” Said one red puffle expert. “When we were playing Cathin’ Waves, he shoot himself out of the cannon, did a flip, and landed on his board safely!”

Be EXTREME together!


As leader of the EPF, this well known penguin is quite mysterious. He/she decides to keep his/her identity a secret, which is why penguins are hearing rumors that Aunt Arctic is the Director or Herbert is the Director. Many people think it is Herbert behind this, mostly because the Director shows up in the last level of System Defender. Penguins think this is either a test or a battle.

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Colorbird10’s Daily News: Blue Puffles And Puffle Launch Date EPIC FAIL!

Hey guys, it’s time for.. Colorbird10’s Daily News! Here’s your host, Colorbird10!!!

Hi everybody! Today’s articles are about blue puffles and the Puffle Launch game.


I love puffles, don’t you? My favorite puffle is the blue puffle, always bouncing around the island with excitement of what’s going to happen. Blue puffles can be adopted by anyone, even non-members. Everybody loves blue puffles, from the far west of California to far east of Japan. Nobody could resist taking these cute, little, blue puffles home.

Be BOUNCY with each other!


As you all know, Club Penguin promised the Puffle Launch game would come on March 8. But now- we have to wait 6 more days with the rearrangement! Now the date has been moved up to March 15, unlike Club Penguin promised. In February, they spesifficly said that they were just on the last two things so it would come soon. But wouldn’t you know- they’re putting MORE stuff into it! But on the bright side, they might be putting in stamps…

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UPDATE: The Daily News will come every two days.

Colorbird10’s Daily News: Pet Shop Construction And Ferns!

Hi, and welcome to Colorbird10’s Daily News! Today’s news is: Pet Shop Construction and Plants.


Lots of rumors flew by and made penguins wonder: “Will there really be a new game?”. Well, there is. The Pet Shop as taken construction to get a new look. On March 8, when the Pet Shop will be finished, it will have a nice look and a new game: Puffle Launch! Penguins around the world are filled with excitement for this new game.


March is National Plant Month! So, this article will be posted in almost everyday’s Daily News. Plants are the world-wide talk since 1784. The most popular plant is the Fern, which could be poisonous, but not that harsh. Ferns can be a little bad, due to their poison, but their poison isn’t strong to kill a human. Matter a fact, the poison just needs cream, a bandage, and a little rubbing-that’s it!

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