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Rockhopper’s Quest Sunrise/Sunset BUG!

A bug has been found!

When you are on Rockhopper’s ship, when docked to Dinosaur island, the sky will look like a beautiful morning!

BUT, on Dinosaur Island, the sky will look as if it is sunset!

Is this a bug? It looks like one to me.


Pufflenews Update!

Hey guys! I have just updated Pufflenews today, for the Underwater Expedition!

I hope you guys like it. I am planning to change this every month!

-Colorbird10 🙂

Underwater Expedition Cheats!

Hurray! The Underwater Expedition has finally come! Here you will find all of the cheats!

What the? The island is tilted!

Hmmm… there is a poster here. “Discover The Deep”…

What the? Is this at the Beach? Why is the Lighthouse here?

Oh…my…gosh… NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLUB PENGUIN IS SINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s this here? A little puzzle map?

This is a map of the Underwater Maze! You might want to write the directions down…

You might think this is easy…

…but it’s not like August 2011’s maze…

Woot woot! I made it to the end! If you beat the maze you should come up with a room like this:

Also there a two new items, one that will be mentioned in another post, and one that you for beating the maze!

Walk over and claim your prize:

A Submarine Suit!

If you put it on with nothing else and sit, you will be acting like a submarine!

Okay… I’m starting to drown down here… let’s go back to the surface, or water, or whatever.

Oh, look! You can now enter the Maze Treasure Room from the beach!

Yay! I beat the maze! But there are more important things to do.. like help a certain agent… capture a certain polar bear… make more posts for a certain blog 😉 … and have a nice day underwater for a certain Colorbird10… 🙂

There are more things to come!

“Anvil Party Hat! Underwater Expedition!” Post


More Funny Pics!

I hope you like the Underwater Party!

The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas Pufflenews gave to me:

Holiday Party!

Sneak Peek- Colorbird10 and the Secret of Wizard Canmore’s Lab

Hey guys! I have finished filming- duh filming, what am I saying! I am finished with the movie, though it will take me a long time to actually post it on the blog. BUT– here is a sneak peek!

Are you excited? Comment on your thoughts!

Uhh… zzzzzz…. wha? Oh I had something else to say, but I forgot. Until next time! SEE YA!!!

Halloween News

Hello I am here again! I am gonna start working on a Halloween story right now! I can’t really show any sneak peeks yet, but I will show you one soon. I actually am PLANNING for this one to air November 1, because Saturday and Sunday I am free and I will barely have any homework for school on Monday!

Great Snow Race, Here I Come!

Soon The Great Snow Race will come and I am VERY excited! My penguin is bundled up and ready to go!

The reason I wore the pink helmet and snowboard is because… they look cool.

Herbert And Klutzy Attacking During August Party? Colorbird10 Investigation

I read the news today, and the first picture stopped me… why is there a crab running in the forest in the back of both of the Ski Village’s buildings?

I walked out to the Ski Village… nope, no crabs here!

But why is (maybe) Klutzy running from the Ski Village? Is Herbert striking during the party? Comment on your thoughts!

… also… will the new System Defender level come yet… it maybe be a clue for this investigation… end of discussion…

July or August Parent Update!

Hey guys! I just got a new Parent Update! Check it out…

(Click for a larger view)

OMG! Sled Racing Party, and a new System Defender level! I am so excited! Comment please!

Newspaper Issue #301 Now Out!

Hey guys! I am back and posting. To start, here’s Newspaper Issue 1:

Cream Soda Found! Mystery Remains…

Treasure hunters have uncovered cream soda barrels! “Ye be the finest pirates!” Said Rockhopper. “Once ye find me missin’ barrels-come to the Pizza Parlor.” “There be bottles o’ cream soda at every table! Yar har!” The cream soda is trickling in, but one question is still unanswered..

Speedy Snow Gear Soon!

Extreme sports gear is coming! “I’m so stoked.” Said one snowboarder. “I can’t wait to show off my moves!” “I wonder why we’re getting all this extreme gear? Something epic must be on it’s way…” “Whatever it is, I hope we get a chance to compete! ‘Cos standing on a winners podium would be gnarly(nar- lee).” “The extreme gear is speeding into the Gift Shop August 4. I’ll race you there!”

And I’ll win!

LOL, here is the upcoming events!

August 4: Penguin Style Catalog

August 4: August Party Revealed

August 18: Team Blue V.S. Team Red! (I hope team blue wins!)

August 12: Better Igloos

New pin (Tropical Bird Pin) Hidden until August 10.

August sounds! Exciting! I hope it would be as exciting as last August!

But one thing… if you have the first Club Penguin DS game, you probably like the game Snow Boarding… I wonder if that will come? Comment on your thoughts!