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Rockhopper’s Quest Sunrise/Sunset BUG!

A bug has been found!

When you are on Rockhopper’s ship, when docked to Dinosaur island, the sky will look like a beautiful morning!

BUT, on Dinosaur Island, the sky will look as if it is sunset!

Is this a bug? It looks like one to me.


Where Are You? BUG!!!

I was on Club Penguin with my friend Maci1001 and I didn’t know where she went. So I opened up her player card and I couldn’t click the “?” icon!


Thanks to Maci1001.

Club Penguin!!!! Wake up!!!! There are bugs!!!

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Bad Bad BAD GLITCH!!!!!

This glitch is very bad!!!!!

I went on Club Penguin to find something new, but instead I found a BAD glitch!

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To Club Penguin,

Will you please stop having these bugs and glitches? You may be making some things fun, but you’re ruining Club Penguin…


Penguin Name Glitch, Typo, Bug, or Possibly A Moderator?!?!?!?! You Decide!

Today I came across something weird– very weird. A penguin’s name was Waddle:O :O :O :O :O :O, but on his playercard, it just said Waddle! Here is some proof:

Click for a larger image.

What do you think it is?





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Developer Update And Music Video!

Club Penguin has updated their blog with a new Developer Update. Here is what’s new:

New Better Igloos- Save your coins, because the brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming!

Online Celebrations– Happy77 has recorded a video to go along with the Penguin Band’s new song, “Better Days!” Here is one part of it:

Picture Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Bug Squashing– Club Penguin is fixing a few bugs, like when you appear in the tutorial lake when you are over 100 days old.

Beta Team- Billybob or whoever does the beta team is working on new tests for you. See the post: Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

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Club Penguin BUGS!– Stage Bug, Snow & Sports Bug, Puffle Rescue Bug, and Beach Bug!

Hey guys. Today I have seen 4 bugs. Check them out. Norman Swarm is playing at the stage, right? the potted flowers in the corner is a bug! There are no roots to be seen in the broken pot space! Take a look!

Also, when you want to buy some sports gear, you will see the catalog is still from January! Take a look:

After all these bugs, I decided to play some Puffle Rescue. Even that bas bugs! When I quit the game the coin and stamps pop-up was in the Mine!

Then when I pressed the “X”, I found myself in a blank, non-member igloo! Look:

Now for the last bug. On the map, you know how the Beach has trees?

Well, TOTAL FAIL! In the real Beach, there are nets, fish, and a buoy! That’s it!

Well, that’s it. Once again, Club Penguin proved themselves l – a – z – y.

Treasure Book 13 Adopt A Puffle BUG!

Club Penguin is lazy, they bother to fix this bug. You know how Treasure Book 13 just came in March or somethin’, right? There still isn’t a brown puffle in the “Adopt A Puffle” Page!

Once again, Club Penguin has proven that they do not fix these bugs, of course. They should get “pop-ups” to know about every single bug! By now, there should’ve been about 250 pop-ups!

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