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Developer Update And Music Video!

Club Penguin has updated their blog with a new Developer Update. Here is what’s new:

New Better Igloos- Save your coins, because the brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming!

Online Celebrations– Happy77 has recorded a video to go along with the Penguin Band’s new song, “Better Days!” Here is one part of it:

Picture Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Bug Squashing– Club Penguin is fixing a few bugs, like when you appear in the tutorial lake when you are over 100 days old.

Beta Team- Billybob or whoever does the beta team is working on new tests for you. See the post: Beta Team Rollerscape The Ice Caves And More! Club Penguin Behind-The-Scenes! New Arcade Game Coming Soon!

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New Message From Protobot, May 2011 Better Igloos Cheats, Igloo Upgrades May 2011 Cheats, And Skyscraper And Puffle Hat Ideas Deleted?

Having trouble… please come back soon…


Beta Team News: New Rollerscape Extra Levels And Skyscraper Game!

Today the beta team can test two new things: extra levels in Rollerscape, and a new game called Skyscraper!

I don’t have any pics about the levels in Rollerscape…BUT- I have a picture for Skyscraper. But, it’s just a black screen in Internet Explorer.

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