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Pufflenews Is Down

Hey guys, I haven’t posted aything recently. I am really sorry! I am working on some really cool stuff for you guys like:

– The Jam Jam Story. Here’s a sneak peek:

– 6 Month Anniversary! Here’s a banner:

Create your own banner at!

Code coming on banners page, July 8! And no confusion, 6:00 PST A.M, which is 9:00 A.M. Eastern for me.

– New Funny Pics! Here’s one that will be posted soon:

– Penguin News page- coming this week, staring the Music Jam!

I hope you understand. Are you excited for these things? Comment below!


Herbert Attack Review

Club Penguin has stated that Herbert will attack today, so I did some research. Starting at the Mine, last year the Mine was a tall cave… not wide. Is this HERBERT’S cave??

Then of course you find the dragon inside… maybe this is Herbert’s dragon minion??

Now let’s compare… you know that Top Secret EPF Update post Billybob made? Yeah, let’s examine the picture…

Now let’s go to the Knight Quest 3…

Think about this… what are the coincidences? And I found some details in the Knight’s Quest 3… holes! Here in the Orb Room…

… Button Room…

… Warning Room…

… Hydra Room… (But it’s not exactly a hole, but a little tunnel… could it lead somewhere?)

(Sorry, this is not HD or High Definition)

… and finally, the Victory Room…

With all this, I could conclude:

– Herbert will attack with the Hydra Dragons

– Herbert might have something to do with the Knight’s Quest 3 and these holes

– The Mine might be decorated by Herbert in the Medieval Party

– Herbert defenitely using something similar to dragons

What do you think? Awesome Scale!






UPDATE: See newer: Herbert Attack With “Magnitude”!

A New Banner!

After a quick look at a banner website, I wanted to make one. So here is how it turned out:

Create your own banner at!

Do you like this banner? I’ll be making one for the Medieval Party too.