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hey guys

its seamarue98. im done with clubpenguin, and so im thanking every single one of you. THANK YOU so much for giving me this opportunity for blogging on ur site colorbird

i love clubpenguin, but im done with it. in my opinion, it has been getting worse ever since disney took over :(

right now, im really addicted to this game called minecraft. its a fun game of creativity which i think you would like it too


signing off for the last, final, and xtra last time,



founder and runner of

ex-cp blogger

minecraft addict

awesome person who is friends with philbob9909


New Story

this story will be coming out during the underwater party!


2012 New Year’s Day Party!

Hey guys!

I figured that to have a great new year, we should celebrate a new year’s party!

All info below-

Since it’s New Year’s, the staff will be adding and sending out postcards, so make sure you all have your mailboxes cleared and room to add.


New Story

my new story, The Christmas Caper, is out to be read! click the link below to go there!



Advent Calendar Sneak Peek

Do you want to know how to get all of the advent calender items now, instead of waiting till Christmas Day? This is super easy, just go to your Computer Settings and change your “Time & Date” section to December 25th, 2011. We are currently not sure if you get banned for wearing these items when the date is not correct so please, if you do decide to get these items early, do not put them early just in case

Here are the upcoming items for the Holiday Party:

December 19th:

December 20th:

December 21st:

December 22nd:

December 23rd:

December 24th:

December 25th:


18th day- New Background

This is what it’ll look like once you’ve clicked on the box:

Now here is what the background will look like on your playercard:


New CFC Hat, as we thought

This is what it’ll look like when you click the 17 box.

Click yes, and this is what it will look like on your penguin.


New Stamp- Epic Volunteer

if you donate 10,000 coins at one time like i did, you earn this stamp-


New Better Igloos Catalog

To find the 1st hidden item do this:

To find the 2st hidden item do this:

To find the 3rd hidden item do this:

To find the 4th hidden item do this:

To find the 6th hidden item do this:

To find the 7th hidden item do this:

To find the 8th hidden item do this:

To find the 9th item do this:

To find the last item do this:


New Field Op #60

This Field Op Mission is #60. Here is how to complete this Field Op:

Now go to the Stadium and go to this location:

Now click on your Spy Phone and go through the mission:

Once you’ve completed it, you get this message:

It reads:

“Well done Agent! Using your Spy Phone’s lock-pick to tap the ice was a perfect way to test its strength! 

Quite some time ago, Herbert used the ice to build a giant magnifying glass. So ever since, we’ve made sure to keep an eye on it. Thanks again.”