Happy New Year from Philbob9909

I just want to say… its been a great year.

So firstly, I want to say Happy New Year!

Lots of good things happened to me!  I joined Starwarsrox1’s site!  I made my own site!

CP had some great events too!

-Defeating of Herbert (for now)

-Beta Team

-Brown Puffle


-Puffle Launch

So some thanks are in order!

First to Club Penguin-  Thanks for a great year, cool stuff, and lots more to come!

Second- To fans, of CP, this site, and me myself!  You give me, us, CP and the Internet great ideas and inspirations, so thanks!

Third to my CP friends- Seamarue98, Starwarsrox1, Piggyjo, Bartman225, Pat302, iLake, 1erg, quiexcp, Crashzxz, richieking, Derek915, at709, Colorbird10, Andre1425, Danny78901, Pafe25, Nenecookie, Blue Fair, Spyguydx, and Pinky67576.  You all are great people and friends of mine so thanks for every thing!


2011 was a great year….


2012 can and WILL be better!

Thanks for everything!



About philbob9909

I like going on Cp I have 5 penguins and my favorite servers are Berg, Sleet, and Frostbite

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