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Hey guys, im a new member of pufflenews, as well as seamo98’s blog. I might start posting slow but soon enough, I will get the hang of it. Here’s a little pic of me, if u see me on cp then don’t be afraid to say hi.I usually go into abominable or Alaska. See you guys later!


About FaitalSkai

I enjoy music, particularly dubstep, techno, trance, etc. and i also enjoy making my own stories as well as drawing :D

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  1. ya
    i thought it was ok with u
    if you would like to, kick me off your site for that, but i only made him an author
    i u kick me off, i totally understand, and im sorry
    ill check with u first

  2. and i thought he would be a help to the site

  3. Hey Blue Fair! Welcome! I’m on this blog, and on my blog and seamos! I could use help on my blog due to my busy schedule(homework sports piano lessons etc.) If you wanna join my blog i will add you!
    Comment if you wanna join

  4. That would be nice, i would probably be able to post cp updates and some of my own (if u allow it). Since i dont really work on my website, i would definitely have time.

  5. Hey guys, i just made a cp site, so i would greatly appreciate it if u guys saw it. And i might add some as authors.
    it is called

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