When Will The Penguin Band Show? Plus Penguin Band Contest!

Right now I only found the Penguin Band’s Franky once… and no one else. I’m trying to find G Billy, Petey K and Stompin’ Bob. Why are they so hard to find on ENGLISH Servers????

PLEASE Comment when you have found the Penguin Band on an English Server. Please state:

– The Server
– The Room
– Your Penguin Name
– The Time

If you are the FIRST one to comment I will add you on Club Penguin! Good luck!

NOTE: This is the first ever Pufflenews Challenge, but is not actually counted as one. The first Pufflenews Challenge will come July 14.

UPDATE: After the comment by Choomoo1, you can only comment between 7:00 AM PST- 10:00 PM PST. For me, that is 10 in the morning through 7 in the night, that is eastern time.


About ColinDude72

Hola! I am ColinDude72. Just call me Colin. I run probably the most blogs ever that I pay no attention to. Minecraft, Pepe, Pokemon, Bob's Burgers, Gravity Falls, and books.

Posted on June 24, 2011, in Club Penguin, Famous Mascots, Penguin of Month/ Pufflenews Challenges. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Server:Sub Zero
    Penguin Name:Choomoo1
    Time:8:15pm PST time

  2. I Won’t Be There Long So Come Quick!

  3. To Choomoo1:

    You have commented to late at night- I forgot to mention you can only comment in between certain times. Because of this mistake, I am not able to add you. BUT- on July 14 you can be added in the Pufflenews Challenge that day.
    Also, you can possibly find the Penguin Band again, so we can meet them and each other!


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