New EPF Messages, Field Op #44 Cheats, And Colorbird10’s Stories Sneak Peek!

Today I have three things. First, there are two new messages( that by the way showed up “magically” after my Bits & Bolts game again ):

The Director quoted: “Protobot must be taken offline at all costs. We must act before it has a chance to finish rebuilding itself. That time is now.”

Gary Quoted: “*Closed message-channel secure from Protobot.* Alright Herbert. We decoded your message. What is your proposal for taking care of Protobot?”

Cool, but I don’t exactly know what they mean. I’m saying, all they’ve been doing it chatter talking about stuff I don’t even know as fourth grader! Like really, proposal? SERIOUSLY Club Penguin! I am nine years old, in fourth grade, and I don’t even know what that means. Whatever, here is the field ops cheats.

1. Click on the button to go to the Command Room.

2. Go to the yellow screen.

Herbert has transmitted us Protobot’s and the test bots’ current location – in the woods north of the Cove. Move into position, and take them offline. Use tactical H2O cannons, which are only dangerous to robots.

Okay, how ’bout here…no. Here…no. Here…possibly…yes!

Okay, click on Spy Phone…hey! I just learned that in Math! That was easy… wow! This has lots of capitols…


Ka-boomy… LOL. Okay… onto the sneak peek. I am making stories for fun, to share with all of you. Here’s a sneak peek:

This new section will successfully be opened May 11, two days from now and two days before the Medieval Construction. Now the Awesome Scale needs to be an excited scale…







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