Colorbird10 Is Online!

Hey guys! I am now currently online and you can meet me! Here is the tracker:

Status: Offline

Server: None

Room: None

NOTE: Colorbird10 may change his location instantly. He might add. He usually goes on the server for about 20-40 minutes.


1. Colorbird10 is usually spotted in the Night Club, Dock, the Box Dimension, the new updated Dance Lounge, and the Snow Forts. Those are his favorite rooms.

2. Colorbird10’s favorite servers are Beanie, Fjord, Sleet, and Crystal. He might also be on when a mascot is online.

3. Colorbird10 usually goes on when a server is usually 2-5 bars. If his favorite servers are less than 2 bars, he will go on a different server.

4. Sometimes Colorbird10 might be playing a mini-game. His favorite mini-games are Bits & Bolts, System Defender, and Puffle Launch.

5. To find him, you need to know his clothing. He changes clothes for a monthly style, so this will change monthly. For April he is whipping’ up his styles with a cowboy outfit, an out of this world astronaut outfit, and a floppy bunny costume.

6. Sometimes Colorbird10 will go to the place that his outfit fits in. For example, if he wears his, uh, umm, rare stuff, he would go to the Dock. For April, he is going to the Snow Forts, Desert Dimension, or Space Dimension to match his clothing.

7. If there is not a party on Club Penguin, he will change into his rare clothes and go to Sleet at the Dock.


About ColinDude72

Hola! I am ColinDude72. Just call me Colin. I run probably the most blogs ever that I pay no attention to. Minecraft, Pepe, Pokemon, Bob's Burgers, Gravity Falls, and books.

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