Colorbird10’s Daily News: Pink Puffles And System Defender!

This is marked the longest Daily News in Pufflenews history.


Attracted by girls, pink puffles are one of the cutest puffles on the island. Pink Puffles were first discovered in November 2005 in the Snow Forts. They were discovered just in time for Club Penguin’s 2005 Holiday Party! Pink puffles are the most active and athletic puffles of them all. Pink puffles were one of the first puffles to be discovered, along with the blue, black, and green.

Be ACTIVE together!


Is the Director evil?

The Director means many rumors… one of them actually PROVE he is either on Herbert’s team or IS Herbert. Seen below, there is only one more slot for System Defender, which is going to be the Director. There are many chances of the Director being bad because only evil things attack the EPF’S mainframe, or attack with bugs.

An EPF agent test

But some people think it is just a test to prove: are you an EPF agent or an evil penguin on Herbert’s team? The test proves your strength, so for an example: if you defeat the Director’s bugs, you are an EPF agent. If you do not, this proves you are attacking the EPF mainframe.

NOTE: Sorry if I made the second article confusing.

So, do you like todday’s Daily News? Comment below!


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  1. Yeah, pink puffles rock!

    OMG I love your site colorbird you should update the Guides page i don’t know how to become a fire ninja!!!

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