Colorbird10’s Daily News: Pet Shop Construction And Ferns!

Hi, and welcome to Colorbird10’s Daily News! Today’s news is: Pet Shop Construction and Plants.


Lots of rumors flew by and made penguins wonder: “Will there really be a new game?”. Well, there is. The Pet Shop as taken construction to get a new look. On March 8, when the Pet Shop will be finished, it will have a nice look and a new game: Puffle Launch! Penguins around the world are filled with excitement for this new game.


March is National Plant Month! So, this article will be posted in almost everyday’s Daily News. Plants are the world-wide talk since 1784. The most popular plant is the Fern, which could be poisonous, but not that harsh. Ferns can be a little bad, due to their poison, but their poison isn’t strong to kill a human. Matter a fact, the poison just needs cream, a bandage, and a little rubbing-that’s it!

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