Newspaper Issue 279 Now Out!

Hey guys, Aunt Arctic has made a new newspaper. This week it’s about-of course, the Puffle Party.


Members and their puffles dance it up on the Night Club Rooftop!;Puffles and penguins are taking the party to a higher level-a higher FLOOR, to be exact. Members have been riding the new elevator (built by brown puffles) up to the Night Club Rooftop.

Click where I circled in red to go to a page with the puffles. Click where I circled in blue to read more.


They’re here! The clever pets we discovered on the last Expedition are ready to be adopted. Brown puffles have been spotted all over town.”I took home five!” Said one enthusiastic pet owner. Each puffle brought his own pair of safety goggles-they even wear them when they sleep! Another owner was impressed by his new pet’s talent for gadgets.”He’s so creative! Earlier I saw him using this laser-thing that makes cookies bigger. MUCH bigger. Curious puffle fans are encouraged to adopt their own brown puffles at the Pet Shop today; Brown puffles are up for adoption at the Pet Shop!

Phew, that was a LARGE article. Did Aunt Arctic use that laser-thing?

Now-for the…Upcoming Events!

That’s issue 279! What do you think of it?



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