Sorry Note For Everything That Came On February 11

Sorry guys. It’s taking a LONG time to make blogs for EVERYTHING that came on February 11, so here it is:

-New EPF Message From Director

-Treasure Book Series 12 Is Open!

-Newspaper Issue 278

-Puffle Party Construction Started

-New System Defender Stamp And Test Bot Trio

-Awesome Newspaper Note: “In celebration of puffles, two pins will be hidden February 11-April” Something

-Double Pin Cheats-Blue AND Red Puffle Pins!

-New Better Igloos And Igloo Upgrades Cheats

-New Featured Igloo!

-New Fun Activities And Puffle Coloring Page!

-New EPF Message From Agent Dot!

-CP Blog-New Puffle Decorations(And Pins!)

-New Fan Art And Photo Gallery!

I think that’s all I missed. If I missed anyhting, please comment and tell me. Thanks.

Sincerely, Colorbird10(pufflenews):-(


About ColinDude72

Hola! I am ColinDude72. Just call me Colin. I run probably the most blogs ever that I pay no attention to. Minecraft, Pepe, Pokemon, Bob's Burgers, Gravity Falls, and books.

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